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“I began seeing Dr. Crystal for my 6 month old daughter’s eczema and a clogged left tear duct. My daughter had large red eczema patches on her face and various parts of her body. Her left tear duct had been clogged since birth and was pretty swollen (as you can see in the pictures attached). The only thing that would keep the eczema away was hydrocortisone cream. We were fearful of using a steroid for an extended period of time and decided that we wanted to try the natural route. Dr. Crystal’s first recommendation was to have me tested for food intolerances because I was exclusively breastfeeding. My test results came back, off the charts, with positive results to many food groups. We began by eliminating major food groups of what we thought may be triggering the eczema: dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts and grains. With the combination of eliminating foods, natural topical creams/balms & homeopathy, the eczema began to clear up within weeks! Her tear duct was helped with daily breast milk applications, a few different homeopathy treatments and a specific massaging technique.

I am thrilled to say that after 3-4 months my daughters eczema is completely gone on her body and the last spot on her face is about the size of a pea (compared to both cheeks being completely covered). The last little spot on her chin pops out every now and again. It usually flares up when she has eaten something or comes in contact with something that doesn’t agree with her.

We cannot thank Dr. Crystal enough for everything she has done for us! She is an amazing Doctor!! It can be emotionally challenging when dealing with a child’s medical condition. As a parent, you want to make sure you are doing everything you possibly can to heal your child. She has always gone above and beyond to make my husband and I feel comfortable along this journey in healing our daughter.”
parent of infant client

“I consider finding Dr. Crystal a true blessing!

I had suffered for years with various health symptoms. I was passed from doctor to doctor and given a variety of tests and handed pills, which often resulted in bad reactions or side effects. They treated symptoms, but not me as a unique and individual patient. I felt no hope of getting better and did not know which way to turn next.

My daughter, who is a medical professional, suggested that I seek out a Naturopathic doctor. Looking online, I found Living Tree Natural Health and Dr. Crystal. The website was informative, her education impressive and the smile in her picture comforting. I made an appointment!

Before leaving for my first appointment, I was naturally a bit nervous. My son noticed and with a big smile said, “Mom, I’m so excited for you!” It struck me that it “was” exciting….I was choosing a new path to the healing I so hopefully sought.

Walking into her office, I felt completely at ease. It was the first time in years, I felt someone truly listened to me! As we spoke for two hours about my medical history and symptoms, the time passed quickly. Dr. Crystal is personable, knowledgeable, patient, thorough and insightful. Some of my symptoms, most of which I had endured for possibly half my life included severe digestive problems, joint and muscle pain, weight gain, insomnia, skin problems, brain fog, fatique, dryness of eyes, mouth and skin. As we worked together as patient and doctor in the coming months, I found that I was, as I like to say, a “poster woman” for auto immune disease and also suffering from Hashimoto”s Thyroiditis.

I left her office that day with a plan of how we were going to approach my healing and supplements to start the process! I started to improve by my next visit and through subsequent visits have watched my symptoms improve and fall away! I am a different person and my health continues to improve. I highly recommend Dr. Crystal as Naturopathic doctor!

Take that first step and open the door, as I did. Dr. Crystal will offer you personal care, will hear you, respond to your health needs and offer you hope, as she did me. What more could you ask for in a doctor?”
female client, 69 years old 


“Dr. Crystal-

I’ve been having the best days that I have had since November 2012 when I first got sick. My dizziness and my vision has gotten so much better that I was finally able to get my hair colored after almost 2 years! For the longest time, I seriously couldn’t sit up long enough without feeling like I was going to blackout to have anyone do my hair. Everything you have given me has been helping me! I’ve noticed more improvements as days go by. However, sometimes I think I can do more than I can and I end up pushing myself which causes symptoms…..but I’ve been trying to be good about taking time to lay down and rest…..
I haven’t taken nausea medicine in over a week and my headaches are much better and only a few hot flashes and blood crashes! I’m excited!

Thanks so much!!!! I am so excited about these improvements!!! I even went to some home décor stores to fix up my living room. I still wasn’t totally comfortable, but it was the most capable I have been in months. I’m thankful for your knowledge!”
female client, 29 years old


“I suffered for several years, yes years, with digestive symptoms that caused me to lose sleep, miss meals, and to miss work. I had given up gluten in the final year and avoided dairy and spices, among other things, but still had random symptoms that I couldn’t get a handle on. Finally deciding that I wanted to work with a naturopathic physician, an online search led me to Dr. Crystal Foresman-Landers.

Once I had scheduled my initial visit, I completed a history through Dr. Crystal’s website and also forwarded to her the genetic variant information I had previously obtained. She reviewed my history and genetic information prior to my visit. At that first visit, which lasted approximately
2 hours, we went over my history, diet, lifestyle, symptoms and concerns, and together we mapped out a plan to heal my gut and support methylation.

After completing a detox protocol, reintroducing foods into my diet and paying attention for reactions, and beginning specific supplements, I’m happy to say that those days of missing meals, losing sleep and having to miss work are over! I’m definitely feeling better and sleeping better.

I’ve had approximately 3 follow-up visits with Dr. Crystal. The qualities she possesses are those I look for in a physician. She’s knowledgeable and also continuing to expand her knowledge. She takes the time to listen to my concerns and to explain her reasoning in considering planned treatment. Treating me like an intelligent person and making treatment decisions with me instead of for me are huge pluses.

I find Dr. Crystal’s online communication program easy to use and very helpful. After each visit I receive a summary via the program. This includes all the topics we’ve discussed, treatment recommendations, and supplement names, manufacturers and dosages. I don’t need to be concerned about trying to remember everything we talk about or write things down during a visit. In addition, all the documents pertaining to me including my genetic information and test results are also securely stored here and available to me at any time.”

Dr. Crystal is a wonderful physician and I am so happy to have found my way to her.”
-female client, 57 years old

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